Happy life Without Money

It is not very difficult to live a happy life without money. But sometimes in life you need money for happy. According to me money is very important item of life and without money you may not able to live a happy life you need some amount of the money if you want to live a happy life. Money makes your life but in most of the condition money also destroy someone life greatly so try to make money but not too much in life .Sometimes they are good for you and sometimes make you alone in life. As you work day and night to earn money and in this way you may lose many relations in life which are very important for you.r547030_3212363

It is true that the people of old time have not too much amount of money with them but they are living happy life. They want to spend time with their family and friends and they are very natural, they do not have pizza to eat but they have simple food to eat which also make them happy because they are eating it by sitting with the family and when you are very family than even you have many troubles in life than you are happier than the person who have money. It is also true that when you have more money in your life than you have more tensions in life. Money brings many tensions in life and also disturb your life sometimes greatly.

Money has its importance in life but with money you need something great in your life that will make you happy and when you have money but you do not have happiness than you not get great happiness in your life